Top Absolute Return Investing Posts

A little over a year ago I recommended returning capital to clients as I believed my opportunity set was too expensive to meet my absolute return investment objective. As a way to remain engaged in the markets and stay on top of my 300-name possible buy list, I decided to start a blog. This week marked the blog’s one year anniversary!

After 155 posts, I’ve practically written a book on absolute return investing and the current investment environment. I’ve enjoyed it considerably and plan to keep going until this seemingly endless market cycle is complete.

This week is also my one year anniversary of unemployment. Considering the unemployment rate is at a 16-year low, not having a job these days truly is contrarian! It took me a few months to detox from the markets, but it’s been a very good break. I’d like to thank all the central bankers for their $12 trillion in asset purchases and negative real interest rates. Without their relentless devotion to monetary experimentation and record asset inflation, I’d probably still have a job!

In all seriousness, it’s been a good year. I want to thank everyone for reading and helping me remain involved in what has to be one of the most fascinating cycles in the history of financial markets.

If you’re an absolute return investor – even if you’re trapped in the relative world – I hope this blog has provided some support and has reinforced your convictions. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many investors share the absolute return mindset. In fact, our community has grown considerably over the past year.

For newer readers and to mark the blog’s one year anniversary, I put together a list of most popular posts. I hope you find them interesting and thanks again for reading!

Top Ten 18 Absolute Return Investing Posts:

  1. Parachute Pants
  2. Is This Investing?
  3. Buffett 1999 vs. Buffett 2017
  4. Loyalty, Prudence, and Care
  5. The Art of Looking Stupid
  6. What’s Important to You?
  7. The Wonder Years
  8. The Small Cap Police
  9. Category 5 Asset Inflation
  10. Look Away I’m Hideous
  11. The Passive Investor (PI) Ratio
  12. Monetizing Cats
  13. Special Dividends
  14. 95% Undateable
  15. I’ll Be Gone You’ll Be Gone Central Banking
  16. The Mullet Discount
  17. Mo’ Margins Mo’ Problems
  18. Investment Closers

Earnings season, or my busy season, is approaching. As such, I may not be posting as frequently over the next two to three weeks. I’m looking forward to gaining timely data points on the profit cycle and economy. I hope to share my observations and conclusions soon!