Conversation With Preston and Stig

I recently had a conversation with Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen of The Investors Podcast (link below). After doing a podcast with Jesse Felder a few months ago, I was somewhat hesitant to do another one as I wasn’t sure I’d have much new to say. However, Preston and Stig did a great job digging into my investment process and covering new ground.

One area I found particularly interesting was our discussion on valuing asset heavy companies. In fact, I planned to write a post on this subject last week, but Hurricane Irma had other plans…including a mandatory evacuation and tearing down our screened porch! Despite the minor damage and inconvenience, all is well and we’re grateful the storm weakened before hitting Florida. I’m hoping to get back into my routine this week and will be posting again soon.

Podcast:  Conversation With Preston and Stig